16A Single Phase Type 2 Mobile Charger-Adjustable Current

●  Model: ARR-P2S2-16S
●  Power plug: T13/Schuko/UK plug/Australian plug and so on
●  Max power: 3.7kW
●  Function: Adjustable current/Delay charging/Mobile or wall mounted
●  Protection degree: IP 67 for function box
●  Warranty: 2 years
●  CE and TUV listed
●  Lead time: 7 days for sample order and 15 days for massive production
●  OEM/ODM are acceptable

General description:
This mobile charger is used for charging electric vehicles with type 2(IEC 62196) charging port. The maximum power is 3.7kW. It can be equipped with different power plugs, suitable for different power sockets in the world, such as UK plug, T13, Schuko, Australian plug and so on. With a mounting hole, It is easily hung on the wall. Except for LED indicator showing charging status, the OLED screen shows real-time charging data, such as current, voltage and power. The charging current is adjustable(6A/8A/10A/13A/16A). The start of charging can be delayed(max: 12 hours) according to the current consumption or according to the low/high tariff. Its protection degree IP 67 allows usage in outdoor environments. And it is compatible for 99% of cars.


Technical details:
Input/Output Voltage: 230V AC
Input Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
Output power: 3.7kW(max)
Output current: 16A(max)
Circuit breaker RCD: Type A(AC 30mA) or Type A+DC 6mA
Protection degree: IP 67 for function box
Working temperature: -25℃~+55℃
Multiple protection: leakage protection, over/under-voltage protection, overload protection, lightning protection, ground protection, over-temperature protection
Standards: EN 61851-1:2011, EN 61851-21-1:2017, EN 61851-22:2002, EN 62752:2016 + A1:2020

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